Saturday, 30 November 2013

Seo is dead I tell ya!

Seo is the best way to get you site up there and get traffic to your website.. well that what people said when the internet began but now it is a different story where only big million dollar monopolies survive on the internet. Seo, it is a lot easier said then done with seo as seo the goal posts the search engines put out change all the time as they change the rules.. which really is rotten of the little swines considering they are messing with people livelihoods and honestly I hope the people who rune the search engines die a really horrible death.. anyway moving on. First thing you should do is keep at seo and make your site the best.. and never create automated link spam to boost your rankings as that really is a bomb waiting to go off which will destroy your website as search engines are evil and looks for any excuse to penalize your site! (THEY WILL EVEN PENALIZE YOUR SITE EVEN IF YOU HAD NOT CREATE THE LINKS YOUR SELF AND ONE OF YOU COMPETITORS DOES SOMETHING KNOWN AS NEGATIVE SEO TO YOUR SITE) Seo really is tough and most people fail at it.... and unfortunately go bankrupt because they cannot make their business survive on the internet.  *Don't buy ads on search engines because if you fail at seo because you will be wasting your money big time with that as there are bots that now click on ads on purposes to cost advertisers money and to clear up space in the search results. It really is a long hard struggle seo and setting up a business online... now that big business control just about everything on the internet and peoples minds it will only get harder.... Honestly!